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Wolfgang Petsch

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This is the official website of the Glitch Minister curator, clear vision to expand and improve educational and research facilities, with a critical point of view that involves buying exhibits and versatile for finding a unique assembling, personal intriguing style and within a single innate medium pattern, genre "der, die, das" and the subject matters.

The website is an ongoing project documenting the artist’s entire corpus from mixed and multidisciplinary techniques, in wood, synthetic plaster, resin, stainless steel, laser cutting, in 3D printing, from painting to sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, texts, graphics, designs, images unique works on paper, in 3D printing, missing works, issues certificates of authenticity (CofA) and other projects. 

If you own or have owned a unique Wolfgang Petsch work, please contact a Glitch Minister curator below:

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The Artistic Process

The choice of materials, colours are not insignificant, discover more about my artistic process.

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Below you will find a selection of artworks works and exhibitions.

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About the Artist

Learn more about the authentic artist Wolfgang Petsch with his own creative fountain source « La Cambre ».

About Petsch

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