The Story of the
Glitch Minister

Wolfgang Petsch, has been a student at "La Cambre" and a member of the "Department of Visual and Graphic Communication" with professor Luc Van Malderen, as a supervisor and assistant professor Anne Van Loock (female child model of René Magritte). We were confronted with the multidisciplinary vision of visual arts, quality, various teachings, critical eye, personal authenticity, social awareness, and the concrete space in which we live.

More precisely, France Borel, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Letters; - Novelist, - Art Critic, - Professor of Art History 1992 — 2002, - Director of the National School of Visual Arts of "La Cambre" in Brussels (in 1995), studies the theme, "the artist and his model" as it has been represented in painting, sculpture, drawing and photography over the last 100 years. The origins are partly in the "Paleolithic Age" (Stone Age) with fascinating "Venus figurines" (Venus of Willendorf 30,000 BCE) as an example.

France Borel taught us the art history course. In this course, we learned about the subject of her published book "The Seduction of Venus: Artists and Models" as a thematic subject to create a work of art, an object or a concept intended to elicit an aesthetic response between the artist and his model. This involves some reflection on one's own medium and its history.

This specific subject of France Borel was the starting point for his first Venus figurine. It became his object and subject the story telling muse, as a beloved object and very sweet indeed, with a smile of a female face composed of a part of her body, with totally new and unique powers of interaction as an «innate mechanical energy» within provocative to be curious about what comes next, then the "idea" is the base of good.

This "body-face" image indicates the ongoing innate conflict of any voyeuristic observer displaying a visible construction of male desire.

Indeed, he has been transforming any ordinary mouse trap into a wonderful new "Venus" shaped out the female body-face" and delivered a unique contribution to art, the Mona-Lisa's smile was very evident and recognized as very distinctive from the other works that have been created by René Magritte: "The Rape" in 1934, 1935, 1945 and 1948.

Professor France Borel was very happy to see this little creature with the " innate mechanical energy within the art object" (woman trap, femme fatale, archetype woman) and that it was a stroke of genius. 

In fact, she has already framed the model as a top "icon" within our higher art history, that it is the female "Darwinism", the “woman question” and a very contemporary approach to art. 

This work merged the sexual fantasy of the man and the artist (the artist and his model), merged as a new "seductive sexy model”, it represents our time and also in pocket format as in the Stone Age. 

Madame France Borel, she became the first new owner of his first prototype on that specific day too.

More precisely, in 2015, he reopened his little “Venus” box of “La Cambre” as an activator for the "Waterloo Artists' Route 2015" and since that day, he has been very focused and committed to his own rights being an Artist, within his own "Intellectual Property" playing a distinctive role in the main art innovation source and to offers very original proposals to art-lovers and collectors.

The artist, Wolfgang Petsch lives and works in Waterloo, Belgium.

He is represented by the service of the Glitch Minister, the official curator, and licensing entities.